Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sling around the posey


Idea lost to what had never been,
Dream taught to what had to sin,
Pace the lateness of origins song,
Forever deffered, no problem solved.


Can't speak to who I always see,
Repetition calls for what's mortally weak.
To glance my way without return or jaw,
A long lost love, when buried to thought.

The Stop

Forever returned to places to be,
A bridge thawed out in snow and sleet,
To name the space of what would grow,
Already in motion, a love to sow.

And tie our ways to glory's end,
A lack of courage, the scar of a pen.
To think of what could always be,
The fear of thought, the stop to see.


Walk around, in case I saw,
A place of forgiveness where otherness drawls.
Here thee are, make a human of me,
Sink thy claws, throw potpourri

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