Sunday, June 20, 2010

Husserl Win!

"Fuck you Kulpe"

I can't stress enough how important footnotes are. Sometimes they're more important than a text itself. Sometimes, they're a glimpse into the minds of thinkers who don't want their personality's shown in the "official" text. Husserl is a great candidate for these types of footnotes based on the fact that his entire enterprise depends on the abstraction of his own existence, and his readers. So when you get a glimpse into some of his personality outside of a text (in this case, footnotes of a text) it can be extraordinarily funny. I can read this next footnote from Ideas I forever and not stop laughing every time I read it.

"How hard it is in our day for psychological investigators to appropriate this simple and quite fundamental insight is shown in an exemplary manner by Oswald Kulpe's surprising polemic against my doctrine of categorical intuition in his work The Positing of Realities. Foundations of the Sciences of Reality which has just reached my hands. I regret being misunderstood by the distinguished scholar. A critical reply becomes impossible, however, when the misunderstanding is so perfect that nothing remains of the sense of one's own assertions"

Husserl can't respond to the "distinguished scholar" because his misunderstanding is so perfect that nothing remains of Husserl's original intention! It's not just a misunderstanding, it's a perfect misunderstanding. There is no way for Husserl's concept of categorical intuition to be understood by Kulpe because of how perfectly wrong it is! Kulpe had to be onto something misinterpreting something that well. Husserl though takes the win here for saying in the same passage that a "distinguished scholar" can perfectly misunderstand something.
Academia domination...pampered dipshits.

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