Monday, October 4, 2010

Artaud as a direct expression of Anti-Oedipus

Electro-Libido Therapy

Been watching La véritable histoire d'Artaud le momo. The parallel between Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus and Artaud's spontaneous enunciations about the asylum are obvious.
As I'm doing a close read of Anti-Oedipus, I thought this provocation/analysis of pyscho-medicine would be good to put up as a more direct and pithy way towards the general idea. It must be noted though that the written word without Artaud's inflection takes a great deal away from the intensity of the flow. It's a futile attempt trying to describe the inflection so the reader will have to imagine their own fervor of speech for themselves in these words:

Insane asylums are receptacles of black magic, Deliberate and premeditated...It's not only that the doctors encourage magic by therapies that are ill-natured and stupid, it's that they practice it. Had there been no doctors, there'd be no patients...For it is through doctors, not patients, that society began. Those who live, live off the dead. Likewise death, too, has to live. There is nothing like an insane asylum to quietly hatch death, and to keep the dead incubated. This began 4000 years ago, before Christ...this therapy of slow death. And modern medicine, accomplice in this on the most sinister and villainous magic, sends its dead to electroshock and insulin-shock therapy to assure the drainage of the egos, Daily in its men's stud farms, and present them thus drained. Thus fantastically available and drained to the obscene and anatomical and atomic solicitations. Of the state called Bardo...Delivery of the full pack for living with the demands of the non-ego.

Doesn't need analysis. It speaks for itself, expect maybe for what "Bardo" is. Search it.

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