Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This blog (for the few who’ve read it) has been a place to put up rough drafts for essays I wrote for two independent studies I had this year. Any responses I’ve received were used to help me clear up/edit the writing for formal papers. It’s been a place to gather up my ideas and to have independent study professors check the logic of the ideas before it went to a formal paper. It’s helped with my writing in general because these rough drafts were sort of meta-rough drafts making the formal work I did much better than if I didn’t write these drafts. That being said, I won’t have another independent study until the summer (end of June). I think I will still continue to use this space for rough drafts in the future. For now though, it’s break time. I set up a Tumblr account at: which is going to be much more fun for everyone (including myself). The idea is basically the opposite of this blog. Instead of reading long winded rough drafts, About You will specifically be pithy, but still substantial (sometimes). Everyone likes reading quick posts. With that in mind, this blog really has no intention of being anything other than a testing ground for ideas. For those who have read these testing-ground posts, there will be more when I start the next independent study this summer. For everyone else who don’t have the time to digest long-winded (and mostly unnecessary) theory, About You will be much more fun and easy/quick to read. I look forward to it. I will eventually be back on here, but will be having much more fun on the Tumblr space.

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