Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random "Poetry" Pt.2 (Yes I quote 'Poetry' to lead the reader into having less expectations for the quality of the poetry)

The Past

The Past remembered when all is told
The mouth will open and stand in a pose
Written down and spoken to clear
A way to move forward, A death to fear


House built out of stones and rock
Life kept in walls and locks
What's inside is something to be seen
What's outside is filled with jealousy


In the shadows of the sun,
Landmarks stand in place of one
Reflections to further repeat
Additions to what will always be


The streets are split in two
They belong to me and you
One way goes fast
The other goes last
To wait and see who's handling
Time to order the happening.


By the light of the morning sun,
I recognize what I've become
A figure to fill a space
Nothing to become a face

The Sign

Everything I took, things project by look
A sign can stand and direct,
Space, Movement, and Intellect
When things always need to be seen,
Life wins in it's happening.
A care too much to stress,
The look in the face of death

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