Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random "Poetry" (Yes I quote 'Poetry' to lead the reader into having less expectations for the quality of the poetry)

No Time to Come

A life changes to storms outstretching the sun
A growth gives to love becoming one
What can happen is unforeseen
A pendulum swings only in make-believe

To cry for a new beginning
To last for a whole eternity
The dreams of man will become
A sign of no time to come.


Who can be for this world?
A lover, a cheater, a drama to stir
That which can see in two ways at once
Makes conflict to be the only one.


Families grow in the face of fear
When time stops and nothing appears

Empty Minded

How long can I stay empty minded,
When comfort and bed are always provided?
I fail to seek what's really me
When luxury and nothing stand moderately.

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