Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Apparitions' small hiatus

'Apparitions' will be on hiatus until next week. I've been commissioned to write articles for Old-Wizard.com this week which include "The Top 10 Overrated Guitarists" and "The Top 10 Worst Things a Person can Say". So if your the type of person who says dumbass things like "I want world peace!" or "My favorite movie is Donnie Darko", then visit OW later in the week to get a metaphorical whip lashing.

The posts on Derrida's confrontations with Husserl will resume in a few days for the none of you who read them. Until then, enjoy this scene from the amazing UK comedy "Nathan Barley".
Chin Chin! (If OW was going to make a "Top 10 Worst Things a Brit can say", this would surely be on it)

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