Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Verse

Hopeless Love

Up Close to what could speak of more,
Defenses rise in spite of being bored.
We lock down our own identities,
with hopeless love, A war to please our enemies

Prides Vulnerability

With hidden eyes, I follow my pride
into places of no identity,
into places where I am infinity.

All to know I'm outside my whole,
To avoid what was given to my vulnerable soul.


The time strikes with a sear and a slice.
The mind wanders to find what it likes.
The answers will never come easily,
for questions are not given genuinely.

Truth's Eternity

Here the truth is lost in circularity.
Its time...to fool the hopes of serenity.
What to do when thrown into difference?
But to combine things into kindly semblance.

The closer it gets, the closer it finds,
An infinite question, an impulse to rhyme.
To strike at what could never be
The strike in the face of an eternity

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